Our Name expresses how we feel about our business

Passionate and intensely devoted to our clients. We truly believe it is a privilege to earn our clients’ business… each and every day.

Ardent Financial Group is the largest, independent provider of Group Benefit & Group Retirement Consulting in Central Canada. Our team is uniquely qualified to offer senior group insurance, international consulting, management and underwriting.

When it comes to Group Benefits & Group Retirement solutions, a “one size fits all” approach won't do.

The Ardent Group is a dynamic, client-focused team that offers a full range of independent services to organizations diverse in size and complexity. We are committed to being independent, accountable, innovative and technically excellent.

Our Mission is to earn the privilege of your business… each and every day

The Ardent Way

The Ardent Way is a group of core organizational values which guide us in our work.

These values are:

  • Provide entirely independent advice and counsel
  • Build enduring relationships with clients
  • Embrace accountability to our clients and their employees
  • Conduct business with passion and a sense of urgency

Our Team has worked in senior group insurance management and underwriting roles with Canada’s largest insurers.

Bryan Grom

President, Ardent Financial Group Ltd.

(204) 953-5544

Carla Grom

President, Ardent Retirement Group Ltd.

(204) 953-5535

Tracey Desloges

Senior Consultant

(204) 953-5545

Cathy Heatherington

Vice President, Ardent Alberta

(403) 808-8051

Kim McLarty

Group Benefits Specialist

(204) 953-5540

Kristina Yurkiw


(204) 953-5530

Christine Sass

Client Service Specialist, Ardent Retirement Group Ltd.

(204) 953-5533

Our Clients are highly successful, well-managed and referred by other clients

In addition to providing me with completely unique solutions, the Ardent Team provides me with sustainable cost savings on group insurance, group retirement and individual insurance products. As a business owner, I really appreciate when someone can provide me with services that are exceptional, while doing it in a highly cost-effective manner.

Broadcast Communications Corporation

I chose to work with Bryan Grom and the Ardent team for a number of reasons. First, they have proven to me that they provide unbiased, independent consulting that is truly in the best interests of their clients. Second, the Ardent Team is accountable for the advice and counsel that they provide. I know who I am dealing with, and who to go to when I have a question or problem, and I can get quick answers.

Vice-President, Human Resources
Custom Manufacturer

Our business is a growing, dynamic, entrepreneurial company. As a result, I expect to work with professionals that are the best at what they do, highly experienced, provide innovative solutions to business problems, and stand behind the advice they give. I chose to work with Bryan Grom and the Ardent Group team because that is exactly what they do.

International Agriculture Product Manufacturer

We were looking for some unique investment options for our group pension that reflected our organizational values but there was nothing available. We were absolutely thrilled when Bryan Grom and the Ardent team were able to use their contacts and knowledge to come up with the first and only Socially Responsible Asset Allocation Fund in Canada.

International Faith Based Organization

At our company, we work with many large national and international consulting firms throughout North America. We regard Bryan Grom and the Ardent Team as the benchmark of what we expect from our advisors. They have always been there to work through issues with us. We know who to go to when we need a solution to a problem and they have never let us down.

Executive Vice-President
Forestry Company

As a business owner, I expect a high level of service, expertise and personal attention from the consultants that I work with. I don’t feel that we should have to settle for off-the-shelf products and pricing. The Ardent Team has really taken the time to get to know us and our specific needs and this has translated into some very creative and unique solutions and significant cost savings for our group benefit plan. I would highly recommend their services.

Building Component Manufacturer

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